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See below Product Groups covered in each Industry Segment

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  • Machinery

  • Industrial Supply

  • Light Industry Products

  • Mine, Metal & Metallurgy

  • Wire & Cable

  • Electrical

  • Electronics & Communication

  • Chemicals

  • Medicine & Health

  • Building & Decorating

  • Energy

  • Automotive

  • Environment

  • Computer & Internet

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Consulting & Information


  • Apparel & Footwear

  • Art, Antiques & Collectables

  • Household products

  • Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Textile, Printing & Dyeing

  • Office Supplies & Equipment

  • Paper, Printing Packing

  • Foodstuff, Beverage

  • Agriculture

  • Books & Media

  • General Business and Trade

  • Services, Finance

  • Real Estate

  • Research & Education

  • Utilities



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Product Groups

See below Product Groups covered in each Industry Segment


Machinery By Function, Machinery By Industry, Light Industry Machinery, Disintegrator, Fan, Filtration, Hydraulic pressure, Pneumatic tools, Power Machinery, Parts & Services, Solar Machinery, Pumps...

Industrial Supply
Apparatus, meter, photographic articles, Design & Processing, Fluid and Gas Control, Materials, Moulds, Parts...

Light Industry Products
Bicycles, Hardware & Tools, Security & Protection...

Mine, Metal & Metallurgy
Alloys, Building Materials, Daily Products, Hardware & Tools, Industrial Products, Iron & Steel, Noble Metal, Nonferrous Metal, Metal Processing Equipment, Metallurgy Equipment, Mine, Nonmetal, Rare Earth, Rare metal,

Wire & Cable
Electric, Enameled copper wire, Iron tower, Magnet wire, Material, Network & Communication Cable, Optic, Parts & Materials, Power cable, Special Cable...

Auto Electronics, Electric auto, Electric Equipment, Electric Equipment, Electric Materials, Electric Tools, Electromagnetism, Lighting & Displays, Power Supply...


Electronics & Communication
Board Level Components, Commercial Equipment, Communication Equipment, Broadcast and television equipment, Cables & Wires, Microwave, Net communication products, Wireless, Safety, Speculator, Test and Measurement Equipment, Traffic control...

Asbestos production, Chemical Engineering, Chemical fibers, Chemical Machinery, Chemical Reagent, Graphite, Dyestuffs, Paints & Pigment, Fine Chemicals, Inorganic & Organic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Plastic and products, Rubber and products, Silicate industry, Ceramics, Glass, Porcelain enamel, Special used chemicals...


Medicine & Health
Adult Products, Fitness & Weight Loss, Health Products, Hospitals, Medical Consumables, Medical instruments, Optical, Pharmacy...

Agriculture vehicle, Cars & Buses, Motorcycles, Electro-motion Cars, Motorcycles Engines & Parts, Automotive Parts & Accessories, Articles & Accessories, Special Vehicles, Tractors, Trucks...


Building & Decorating
Architecture model, Construction Hardware & Tools, Contractors, Interior Decoration, Building Machinery, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Reconnaissance & Design. Scaffolding ladders...

Energy & Environment
Coal, Nuclear, Solar energy and regenerative energy,
Environment Engineering, Environment Equipment, Environment Protection Materials, Recycle, Rubbish Processing, Water Processing...


Apparel & Footwear
Apparel & Footwear, Accessories, Fur & Leather Clothes, Knitting Clothes, Silk Clothes, Sport dress, Wool & Cashmere, Materials & Parts, Machinery & Equipment, Shoes, Shoe Making Materials & Equipment...

Art, Antiques and Collectables
Crafts, Calligraphy and Painting, Ceramic, Crystal jade gem, Folk, Glass Products, Metal Arts, Sculpture, Culture arts, Tools, Photography, Modeling, Design, Jewelry, Music Equipment, Music Instruments, CD, VCD & DVD...


Household Products
Bags & Cases, Kitchenware, Clock & Watches, Daily Ceramics, Daily-Use Chemicals, Leather Products, Furniture, Gifts, Home Appliance, Household Hardware & Tools, Household Textile, Jewelry, Kitchenware, Lighting, Sanitary articles, Toys, Umbrellas...

Sports, Entertainment
Entertainment, Equipments games, Gambling lottery, Hotels, Restaurant, Parks & Amusement Places, Sports & Outdoor Goods, Travel, Travel Articles, Tents...


Textile, Printing & Dyeing
Apparel Cloth, Blended fabrics, Chemical fabrics, Cotton, Dying & Finishing, Industrial Textile, Knitting, Materials, Yarn, Threads, Silk fabrics, Textile Arts & Crafts, Household Textile, Woolen fabrics...

Office Supplies and Equipment
Business Machines, Folder, Furniture, Gifts, Notebook, Sealer, Supplies & Stationery, Writing instruments...


Paper, Printing & Packing
Packaging Machinery, Packing material, Packing material, Paper pulp and paper products, Paper-Making Machine, / Printing...

Agricultural Machinery & Parts, Bio product, Feedings, Fertilizer pesticide, Fishery, Forestry, Wood and Wooden products, Gardening, Livestock, Plantation, Tea, Vegetable & Fruits (Preserved, Dehydrated, Frozen, Pickles)...


Foodstuff, Beverage, Tobacco
Alcoholic drink, Beverage, Dairy, Food Equipment, Food Package, Foodstuff, Processed aquatic product, Marine products, Raised food, Starch, Grain oil, Grain Products, Health Food, Meat products, Oil, Seasoning, Snacks instant, Tobacco...

General Business and Trade
Business Information, Direct Marketing, Economic technical cooperation, Importers & Exporters, Investment & Merchant, Stores & Markets, Trade Organizations, Traders, Wholesalers...


Computer & Internet
Computer Hardware, Cable & Connector, IC, Mainboards, Modem, Monitor, RAM, Storage, Desktop, Notebook, PDAs, Workstation, CAM, Computer software, Multimedia, Network & System, IDC, ISP, Web Services, Networking...

Consulting & Information
Accounting, Advertisement, Business, Electronics, Engineering, Health, Insurance, Investment, Law, Management, Marketing Survey, Others, Real Estate, Technology, Engineering, Information Services, Product Information. Management, Study & Emigration...


Advertising, Cleaning, Corporate services, Inspection & Certification, Marketing sale, Product Quality, Tax, Technology Services, Tender, Exhibitions & Conversations, Law, Intellectual Property, Rental, Security, Social Services, Tickets, Translation...

Transportation & Logistics
Aviation, Cargo Services, Couriers, Logistics & Storage, Ports & Ships, Public traffic, Railway, Road & Bridge...


Accountants, Banks, Evaluation, Finance & Tax, Finance agency, Funds Management, Futures Brokers, Insurance, Investments, Money, Pawn, Personal Finance, Real property, Securities.

Real Estate
Dwelling house, Estate services, House agency, House Service, Property Management, Land Development...


Research & Education
Schools, Collages, Test Preparation, Training, Teaching Instruments, Teaching apparatus, Employment, Information, Mapping, Teaching, Technology Development...

Gas, Supply heat, Supply power, Transport Facilities, Water...


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